You can count on a full complement of services from Jenkins Construction. We can assist with site selection or oversee design and engineering. We’ll get your project off to a great start with our extensive pre-construction planning services. Or, call on us specifically for engineering management and program management. And don’t forget, we self-perform concrete, equipment installation and facility management. That’s a complete palette of services directed at making life easier for any project owner.

Pre-Construction Services

Our pre-construction services support an interactive process between the customer, architect, engineer and Jenkins. At the core of our approach is the belief that clients can benefit from our years of experience; helping us balance expectations and needs with design, budget and schedule. We tailor our process to reduce risk, identify and resolve issues, and account for costs.

Engineering Management

The Jenkins staff is capable of working in various roles, depending on project need. As managers of design-build programs, we serve as an owner liaison and can facilitate and oversee design and engineering. We provide constructability reviews, while constantly monitoring cost and schedule goals.

With vast experience on the contracting side, our team detects often-repeated design oversights. By employing our value-added engineering management service, we anticipate potential conflicts, cost overruns and scheduling delays. Through implementation of value engineering ideas, we can save you money while maintaining the integrity and functionality of the facility’s design.

Early involvement by Jenkins in the design and construction process allows us to focus on what matters most – providing you with the best return on investment. Our knowledgeable staff asks the right questions, proposes ideas, raises issues and creates alternatives that add value to your project.

Program Management

We provide program management to customers on projects that require personnel who are experienced with comprehensive planning and oversight. Jenkins works on a customer’s behalf in overseeing the entire scope of the project, from design through construction. We can select and coordinate the efforts of designers, contractors, subcontractors and vendors. We ensure the use of standard processes and practices to make design and construction more efficient, which increases value and reduces waste. This service is ideal for large, complex projects where master planning and programming are required.

Jenkins Construction Concrete Services

Jenkins has its own self-performing concrete services. Key strengths include attention to craftsmanship, quality control and on-schedule performance.

Equipment Installation

This is the heavy-lifting unit of our business. Clients in power generation & utilities, automotive, and metals call on our equipment installation group to get the biggest lifts, hauls and installs done safely and on time.

Jenkins Facility Management

Jenkins Facility Management can help improve your day-to-day operations, reduce overall cost and improve efficiency. Integrating the our team with your existing operations and personnel allows you to focus on your core business functions.